Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Shopping for Vanity Benches

Vanity benches used to be a thing of the past, but more and more women today are purchasing vanities for their bedrooms once again. A vanity is a great way to provide extra storage, especially for all those little extra items like cosmetics and hair accessories. Vanity benches provide ladies a place to sit while they apply makeup and fix their hair, and this is a luxury many women are enjoying once again. Some vanities come with vanity benches, but others do not. Also sometimes it may be necessary to replace the bench, especially in the case of an antique vanity that is now being used once again. Here are some things to keep in mind while shopping for vanity benches in Ulhasnagar furniture market.

Style and size

One of the most important things about shopping for vanity benches is the style. This is because the bench must look like it naturally goes with the vanity. Also the size comes into play here as well because an oversized vanity bench will not match a dainty vanity. One thing shoppers often notice when shopping for vanity benches is the relationship between style and size. The size of the bench certainly does say a lot about the style of it.

Measuring is also very important before shopping for vanity benches. Measure the distance from the floor to the underside of the vanity, and do not forget to take into consideration the amount of space your legs will need under the vanity. Also measure the width of the space where the bench sits underneath the vanity. A bench that is too long will not fit into the space, and this can be difficult if you ever need a little extra space.


As with all types of furniture, quality is always extremely important. There is nothing worse than relaxing to put on makeup and then falling to the floor because the bench broke. Having a basic understanding of what makes quality vanity benches can really help with the selection process. Many vanity benches are metal, and one way to judge the quality of the metal is by checking the weight. However, most vanity benches are also very dainty, so it may be difficult to judge the quality of metal by the weight of the bench. Just remember that a very light bench may not offer as good quality as one that is slightly heavier.

Also take a look at how the bench is put together. Higher quality benches will have joints that are welded together rather than screwed or bolted. These welds will also be located in very inconspicuous places if the bench is well made.

For wood benches, look for one that comes in very few pieces. Try to get a feel for the joints although judging joints on a wood piece is a bit more difficult because it can be hard to see the quality construction. Try sitting on the bench and moving around a little bit. If the bench does not wiggle or creak, then there is a good chance that it is of high quality.

For upholstered bench tops, look at how the cushion is attached to the bench. A cushion that is loose or looks like it is about to come loose will not do. The best choice is a cushion that is attached to the top of the bench and cannot be removed. Cushions that are attached with ties are usually not a good choice for a vanity bench. Also remember to look for cushions made of a material that is easy to wipe off and clean.